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Dear Friends:

Now that the New Year is well underway, legislators returned to Columbus this past week to pick up right where 2011 left off. The Statehouse was a busy place with the first full Senate session of 2012, as well as the convening of several standing committees.

Though it is still very early, I am confident that the next twelve months will be an exciting time for Ohio as state lawmakers hope to build on much of the progress that was made during 2011. Thus far, some of the highlights of our work include:

Landmark tax reforms that are already allowing you and your families to keep more of your hard-earned dollars. Last year's state biennium budget was highlighted by the restoration of a 4.2-percent income tax reduction and the repeal of the burdensome "death tax" that has been destroying Ohio's jobs and small businesses for more than 40 years.
The elimination of an $8 billion budget shortfall without the creation or increase of a single tax. Clearly, the "kick-the-can-down-the-road" mentality of the past has been replaced by a renewed commitment to fiscal restraint.
The creation of a Jobs Retention Tax Credit that provides job creators added incentive to maintain their operations in our state. The newly-enacted credit has already assisted in keeping thousands of full-time positions at companies like American Greetings, Goodyear, and Diebold.
The passage of House Bill 1, which created JobsOhio. An innovative public-private partnership that matches state resources with the expertise offered by industry professionals, JobsOhio is currently working with 245 companies statewide and has already accounted for the creation and retention of 82,000 jobs throughout Ohio.
Responsible criminal sentencing reform that had long been considered and was finally passed. Originally built to house 38,000 inmates, Ohio's prisons were home to 51,000 offenders as of 2011 and were projected to exceed capacity by 40% over the next four years. The passage of House Bill 86 is now optimizing the use of your tax dollars by redirecting thousands of low-level, short-term offenders to rehabilitation programs rather than carelessly housing them in costly correctional facilities.
Measures that promise to improve government's performance and ensure that every dollar is spent wisely and efficiently. State agencies will now be audited in an attempt to better streamline operations and uncover any wasteful expenditures. The creation of the Common Sense Initiative will also contribute to greater efficiency through its review of Ohio's regulatory and rule-making processes.
Many of these reforms were long overdue and several of them took years to accomplish. But a great deal of work remains and I am eager to take on the many issues facing Ohio.

Like last year, you can expect Senate Republicans to lead the way in crafting sound policy proposals that will assist Ohio in navigating its future. Over the next several months, you are sure to hear news regarding Medicaid reform that ensures quality through person-centered care, as well as strides to be taken regarding energy exploration, economic development, and workforce expansion.

As we continue to forge a new road to recovery, I ask that you contact me to share any and all ideas you have for our great state.

Have a great week!

Warm personal regards,



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