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Everyone loves to hate.  We love to hate.  And haters inspire me, motivate me, and challenge me.  My life has been crazy to say the least.  Some know me and most don't.  I don't care if you do or don't.  That is the personality I have accepted.  But I had to take a break from Carlisle Daily due to some major life issues.  My apologies.  I am one person.  I have been hospitalized, wife left me, and changed positions in my full time job, that actually pays me, three times.  Plus raising three kids in football, basketball, dance, and gymnastics.  I am now finally grounded and looking to start submitting articles on the Carlisle Daily again!!  Trust me this is my favorite hobby and I am looking to resurrect this thing and make it work somehow!  Any suggestions on how one man can continue to put material online is welcomed and wanted!  Thanks so much for your readership, patience, and hope you will continue to check out the site because it is about to get good!!
FYI, this is a city blog site, not an official news or newspaper site.  It is one man trying to generate local content to every member of our community!  I am not an English teacher, all you grammar haters!  I am not a journalist, all you investigative haters!  I also do not get paid for this site...YET!  So don't ask me to hire journalists, would love too!!  I am passionate about each and every resident of Carlisle getting information that impacts, assists, and entertains us!!  So if you like Carlisle info and other tidbits from my mind....ENJOY!!

I will be looking to add advertisers again throughout the 2012 year.  Whether it be barter or paid advertising we will get our local advertisers space on this site!!  It is those businesses that make our little town go!  We want to highlight them somehow!  In fact, I am needing to get a tattoo.  Matty, if your reading, I may be visiting Peptide soon!  Barter much?   HAHA!

In all seriousness, my schedule has been fixed and I can't wait to get back at this.  It will take a bit of money to get it restarted.  Here is the fees I will accrue and need help with to get going.

Business license:  $150
Hosting space:  $100
Equipment:  $500

If your a local business, or just want to help my cause drop me an email!  I accept Cash, of course, Check, and Paypal!!
I plan to make some waves in 2012!!

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