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Pancakes and Moms
By: Joe Marinich

                This weekend is Mothers Day and I don’t think anyone needs a reminder of the importance of mothers in families or even of their roles in society.  I will spare you the needless banter about moms and instead I will give a brief synopsis on pancakes.

                What is a pancake?  Can it truly be defined?  I mean if you research pancakes on the internet you will find that they can be defined as a round flat cake made of batter that is cooked on a hot pan or griddle…sometimes.  They can also change shape and be cooked on hot rocks or even on the hood of a car.  They can also contain fruits, chocolate chips, or even be made of eggs.  So, just when you think you have them pinned down, they elusively escape your grasp to truly be concretely defined.

                With that behind us let me tell you a brief synopsis of pancakes according to me.  Pancakes are awesome!  I like round ones, square ones, fruity ones, egg ones, potato ones, and plain ones.  Pancakes are simply delicious.  I am a real butter and pure maple syrup man myself…

                By this point you may be confused as to why I started talking about moms and then switched to pancakes?  Besides trying to keep you on your toes I wanted to get everyone thinking about pancakes and why they are amazing, so you can get your mom some pancakes this weekend.

                We have two different pancake opportunities to treat your mom to this weekend.  The first is a fundraiser by local Cub Scouts, and the latter is put on by the youth group at New Jersey Presbyterian Church.  This is a great opportunity for everyone including your moms. 

                If you forgot about Mothers Day until now take your mother to breakfast on Saturday, not only will you be the Pancake Hero but you will be the good child who celebrates the holiday a day early.  Whatever you choose to do this coming weekend make sure you remember your mom, after all what greater gift has God blessed us with in our lives? (Well except for Pancakes of course!)

Cub Scouts Pancake Breakfast
Saturday May 7th at 8:00am to 11:00am
Located at the Lions Club in 465 Park Ave Carlisle.

Adult $5.00 and Children $3.00

*Presale Tickets on sale Saturday at the Carlisle Baseball fields for opening day.
Presale Price $4.00 and Children $3.00.

New Jersey Pancake Breakfast

Sunday May 8th at 9:00a
Service starts at 10:30a

*If attending the breakfast at New Jersey, please be courteous and give them a call telling them the number of people you are bringing at 937-746-8360

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