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REGULAR MEETING                                                                     CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS
CITY COUNCIL                                                                                MAY 10, 2011
CARLISLE, OHIO                                                                            TUESDAY, 7:00PM


Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call

II.                Minutes
                A. Regular Minutes  April 26, 2011

III.             Public Forum


IV.             Council Report

V.                Mayor Report


VI.             Manager’s Report


VII.          Committee Report


    VIII.    Old Business


VIII.         New Business


IX.             First Reading of Ordinance & Resolution


XI.        Second & Third Readings of Ordinance & Resolution

                        A Ord. –Ordinance to Proceed with the Assessments for Lighting (2nd reading)
                                B Ord. – Ordinance Levying Special Assessments for Lighting (2nd reading)
                                C Ord. – $316,500 Bond Anticipation Note –Fourth Renewal-(3rd reading)

XII.          Executive Session:

XIII.       Work Session: 

XIV.       Adjournment

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