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By- Joe Marinich
        I had a really crazy weekend, one that we will have to deal with for the next few months.  Being Mothers Day weekend I had offered to make desert for my in-laws get together, you know give the moms a break etc.  For some reason I thought it was a great idea to make all 3 moms a desert they would like, from scratch.
        Friday after getting the kids on the bus, buying stuff I needed for a vegan desert I was making, I did some work, ran home ate dinner, and got ready to coach my daughters t-ball team. In the midst of all of this I received a phone call from a friend asking if I could write an article about a Love Drive he was doing this week.  Like the great guy I am I said sure and that it would be ready by the next day.
        After practice I came home made a cheesecake and cut fruit for a fruit pizza thinking I would just write the article on Saturday.  Well, long story short Saturday was opening day for the Carlisle Ponytail Association, and it all started with a parade early Saturday morning.  When I finally got home that night about 6p we ate dinner and I made a cherry pie, and the crust for my fruit pizza.  I stayed up way to late and thought I would just write the article Sunday.
        Sunday was mothers day, and my daughter broke her finger early that morning which pretty much set our whole day on its side.  Now, why tell you all of this?  I know a church that is collecting items to help hurricane victims that is asking me to use my opportunity to recruit help for others.
        Well its Monday and as I sat down to write this article I was reminded of a story.  In the Gospel of Luke a religious expert is trying to expose Jesus as a fraud and asks him what the greatest commandment was, they decide it is to “Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul,  and mind...and to love your neighbor as yourself.”  Slightly taken aback the expert then asks Jesus who his neighbor was, and Jesus tells him the story of The Good Samaritan.  This story is one that is all about a person in need and all the people who don't stop to help because their own lives are busy and cluttered. If you haven't heard this story check it out, it is towards the end of the 10th chapter of Luke.
        Now Pennyroyal Baptist Church is collecting items for Tornado victims in the southern part of the US, and they are asking for pretty much anything from toiletries, food, clothes, all the way to hardware, and tools. If you need a full list of items or have questions call 937-746-2671, or email  If you plan on helping please do so by Wednesday of this week because they will be packing up the items to be shipped that night.
        I take full responsibility for delaying this article, but now you know and its up to you to help or not.  Like the people in the Good Samaritan Story I allowed circumstance and busyness to disrupt my relationship and responsibility to others, after all we should all love others as we love ourselves...sorry everyone and thanks.

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