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But What Exactly Does That Mean?

The results from the 2010 Census have been certified, and it’s official—Carlisle is once again a “village”.  In the State of Ohio, population determines if a town is considered to be a “city” or a “village”.  The Ohio Revised Code establishes the threshold for city status to be 5,000 persons.  Quite simply, once a town is determined to have more than 5,000 persons, it is officially a “city”.  Carlisle originally became a city after the 2000 Census with a population of 5,121—just over the 5,000 threshold.  The latest Census has determined that we are now just under the necessary 5,000 figure with 4,915.
But what exactly what does this mean?  The bottom-line is that whether we are a “city”, “village” or “municipality”, it’s business as usual in Carlisle.  As a “chartered municipality”, the community determines the type of government it has as well as many of the rules that apply to it.  In 1987, Carlisle became a chartered municipality with a Council-Manager form of government.
As we return to village status, the responsibility of the care and maintenance of our busiest thoroughfare—SR 123—shifts to the State of Ohio.  The maintenance of SR 123 will once again be under the responsibility of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).  ODOT will now be responsible for road maintenance, snow removal and signage along Central Avenue.  We will still be responsible for all curb, gutter, sidewalks, and traffic signals along the State Route.  This could be a significant future cost savings to the community.  ODOT’s timeliness for maintenance and repair could be an issue; however we have already been in contact with ODOT and have been added to their schedule.  Although ODOT will be responsible for snow removal, the Carlisle Service Department will continue to monitor the conditions of the road and respond appropriately to insure driver safety.
Operationally, it will be business as usual in Carlisle.  Citizens will begin to see some changes around town as we make this transition  - the most noticeable being changes to municipal signs, stationary and vehicle lettering.  However, this will be done gradually as to have minimal impact to the budget.

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