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"Life really is "like a vapor" appearing for a short time..."
By Frank Frisch

Recently I attended a funeral visitation of a fellow retiree and co-worker; one of many who have died since I first started working at the now defunct Smurfit Stone Graphic Arts also know as Yoder Engraving when it first opened on Verity Parkway in 1957 and closed in 2001.

As a close-knit family of co-workers we have suffered each other's griefs, as well as sharing happy times through the years as we celebrated the birth of our children and grandkids.

Realizing that life is really short, and rather than wait for another funeral, I decided to see if a few of us retirees could meet for lunch at the restaurant that fellow co-worker Bob Chaney's family operates in Carlisle, Ohio.

Bob's daughter, Tammy Chaney Trees, a former teacher in the Carlisle school system, took early retirement and fulfilled a lifetime ambition by opening the T-N-T Burger Shack in 2007 in a trailer parked in the lot of Gross Lumber Co. Locals referred to it as the "Shack by the tracks."

Because customers asked Tammy to provide inside seating in winter months, they moved the shack to Central Avenue in the "Whistle Stop" Shopping Plaza which had been constructed in 1974.

On July 23, 2010 an electrical fire with heavy smoke and water damage caused the restaurant to be shut down. Renovations were estimated at more than $100,000. Another trial that our "family" of retirees have suffered. But, thankfully they are back in business! They want to publicly thank everyone for their prayers and support during the time of their long road to recovery.

Kaitlyn Trees , Tammy Chaney Trees, Danilo Silva, Terri Chaney and Kimberly Chaney all work at the restaurant. We were greeted with hugs while we were there. I noticed that almost all the customers got hugs! The Chaney/Trees family is well loved by the Carlisle community.

Our luncheon was more like a family reunion. Attending our luncheon were John Knapp, Richard Knapp, Larrie Ballard, Greg Lieungh, Bob Chaney and myself. We promised each other that we would do this again soon....before we have to attend another co-worker's funeral.

If you want to be treated like family, I suggest that you stop by T-N-T Burger Shack for an awesome lunch and a hug! Tell 'em Frank sent ya!

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