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Tonight, April 11, the community of Carlisle was invited to an open forum at the school.  The discussion was, in fact, what many had believed.  Carlisle Local School District presented three options for potential new or renovated facilities.  The first and most costly option is to renovate the current buildings.  The second to build two separate buildings PreK-6th and 7th-12th grade building.  This option to be the moderate expense option.  The last option and most cost effective option is to build one single building, much like Monroe did, that would house PreK-12th grades in separate wings.  

If Carlisle were to vote for the building of either of the two new facility options the State would provide 56% of the funding of building the schools.   The State with Option 1 would not fund to renovate the old schools due to the financial risk involved.  In order to build and take advantage of the state funding Carlisle Schools would have to have a bond/operating levy to raise the other 44%.  The first possible date to see the levy brought to the table would be November 2011 elections. To support a 5-7 million levy, each home owner would see approximately a $209.00 per year annually on a 100,000 home.

The meeting was very positive amongst the audience and support was obvious.  Carlisle took a Smart Response System instant voting and concluded that most people in the meeting supported the new schools, with the pk-12 building option, and with the bond/operation levy combined in the November elections.

A few of the questions from the meeting:

Q:  Have you thought about just building one new school building and just renovating the rest?
A:  The state will not fund renovation of old schools, therefore will cost us more money to maintain old ones.

Q:  Can we keep the current staff and instructional needs as is if we were to build new schools?
A:  Yes, we do not plan to lay off teaching staff. In fact, your teaching staff agreed willingly to take a pay freeze for 3 years receiving no raise, including no cost of living raises for 3 years. Saving the district 750,000. Audience applauds teachers (many there) and one resident even stood up thanking the sacrifice made by Carlisle teachers.

Q:  Where would the new buildings be?
A:  Schools to be built behind Grigsby Intermediate School and Carlisle High school. Either one very large building, or two average sized buildings. 

There was the options to keep current buildings for administration offices or community buildings. Audience voted majority to get rid of these buildings after new buildings built due to the cost to keep them up and running. website will have powerpoint presentation slides for public view as well as Carlisle Cable channel and of course, we will too when we get our hands on it!  

In conclusion, Carlisle ranked 19th in the state for priorities by the state for the funding of new schools. Carlisle has only a year to get it on the ballot and passed, a year from this August. Otherwise, we will never see the money/offer again, again they will cover 56% of the cost, which makes it cheaper to build new schools than to maintain old ones over the next 5 years.

What do you think Carlisle??  Comment below.  This is some exciting and crucial news and we would love to hear all the feedback!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, with my fragile finances, this is something I will be voting against.

  2. Traci says:

    I will vote yes. I can't put a price tag on my daughter's future. I am living pay check to pay check just like most others. But I am siure I can sacrifice something to help my daughter get a good education.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those schools are falling down around those poor kids. It's not fair to them and the teachers. I will fully support the levy!! We should all give our kids and the children of our community a nice safe enviroment for them to learn in every day just like we had provided for us when we were in school!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am all for new schools. Lord knows we need new schools. We need lager classrooms that are technology adaptable to the new technological needs of the school. We need cleaner schools the quality of air is dismal inside our ancient buildings. I agree. But my concern is at what cost? Not monetary cost, but academic cost. Right now our state budget is a mess and with HB 153 our public schools look to lose $3.6billion dollars over the next two years. According to the state department Carlisle schools is expected to be at an outstanding deficit of $4million by 2014 and that is without new schools. We are already in the need of a new operating levy just to maintain the schools. It is going to be like pulling teeth to get just that. If we throw a Bond issue on top of that I am afraid that the voters will say no leaving us at risk of a state takeover. If we pass this bond and operating levy then what happens in 6 years when we will need another operating levy? Are the citizens of Carlisle going to be willing to pass another operating levy while they are still paying on the previous one? I would like to say yes, but the statistics say NO. So then what happens? Well first teachers get cut and with SB5 all teachers are at risk. Class sizes get larger and if the operating levy continues to fail then Carlisle and it's beautiful new schools get shut down. What happens to our children? They get bussed to neighboring districts. Think that is impossible? Well take a look at Little Miami Schools. They too needed new schools because they were outgrowing their tired buildings. The taxpayers agreed to a bond to pay for new schools, but since then have failed to pass an operating levy. With Carlisle's history of levies I fear that they will not continue to pass operating levies which will in lower our already C standard academics. Again let me say that I am all for new buildings if we can afford them (we being Carlisle not myself because I too am willing to pay what it takes for my kids), but if a new building means my child’s academics suffer then I am out.

    So then my question is if we get new buildings, what is the plan to increase Carlisle’s academics and make us competitive with other schools? Especially when the money runs out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    About time!!!! This is great for out kids! I appreciate the teachers making this sacrife for them too! That says a lot about them! Our family will vote YES!! These new schools being built should raise our property values and bring new life to our small community! Let's take advatage of this!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Superintendent Hook said that we would be able to afford the new schools because our population is on the rise which means more income in the city. He may want to consider hiring a different advisor because the population is not on the rise. In fact we are shrinking so much that we are no longer considered a city. Welcome to the Village of Carlisle.

    On another note, Middletown City schools built new schools not too long ago. Now they are in such a financial crisis that they are considering shutting down some schools. Just food for thought!

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