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Logo for the 2010 United States Census.Image via WikipediaHere is what we have learned briefly from the Pros and Cons standpoint of the City of Carlisle becoming the Village of Carlisle.  Any one from City Council or City Administrative please chime in the comment section for any other information we may have missed.

Pretty much everything stays the same except for a few things.

Fact:  2000 Census reported we had 5,121 in population moving us to "CITY" status.  The 2010 Census reported we had 4,915 in population moving us to "VILLAGE" status.  Between 2005-2009 our estimated total population was 5,724, according to U.S. Census’ Detroit Regional Office.


  • All charter municipality and laws will stay in place.  
  • Potentially save money due to taking over maintenance to 123.  But not 100% on that one.
  • Do not have to revert back to statutory village legal guidelines


  • Could possibly result in amount of local government funds from the state.
  • Will have to continue to pay property taxes and vehicle registeration taxes.
  • Change from a city to a village will not mean the municipality will be receiving additional county services or funding.
  • Will have to change sign into the city from "city" to "village".  :-)


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