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Wind indicator along run-up track in Long jump...Image via WikipediaHere are results from the Waynesville Track Invitational this weekend.    

Waynesville Invitational
At Waynesville
Team Results: 1. Franklin 111; 2. Clinton-Massie 89; 3. Cin. Country Day 57; 4. Greeneview 52.5; 5. Madison 43; 6. Oakwood 39.5; 7. Shroder, Waynesville 30; 9. Carlisle 27; 10. Yellow Springs 17; 11. Mars Hill 0.
Individual Results: High Jump: Clifton (CM); Discus: Everhart (Car); Long Jump: Daniel (Mad); Shot Put: Brislenn (Fra); 3200MR: Waynesville; 100MH: Caudill (GV); 100M: Fritz (CCD); 800MR: Franklin; 1600M: Kistinger (CCD); 400MR: Madison; 400M: Davis (CM); 300MH: Caudill (GV); 800M: Coffman (Fra); 200M: Patterson (CCD); 3200M: Kistinger (CCD); 1600MR: Shroder.
Team Results: 1. Cin. Country Day 117; 2. Oakwood 88; 3. Madison 75; 4. Clinton-Massie 65; 5. Waynesville 50; 6. Greeneview 42; 7. Yellow Springs 20; 8. Franklin 16; 9. Carlisle 15; 10. Shroder 4; 11. Mars Hill 3.
Individual Results: High Jump: Victor (CCD); Discus: Daniel (Mad); Long Jump: Armstead (CCD); Shot Put: Crabill (CM); 3200MR: CCD; 100MH: Bundy (Mad); 100M: Armstead (CCD); 800MR: Oakwood; 1600M: Hall (CCD); 400MR: CCD; 400M: Ritchie (Way); 300MH: Menifee (CCD); 800M: Thomas (Car); 200M: Armstead (CCD); 3200M: Hall (CCD); 1600MR: Oakwood.

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