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Carlisle High School Boys Varsity Tennis team is ranked 8th in the area in the latest D2 rankings just released.  Their two losses is two the top seed in D2, Bellbrook (1-4) and Carroll (1-4) who is ranked fourth in D1.  This is really just a slap in the face to Carlisle.  Oakwood has played basically the same teams.  Beat Tippecanoe but that is about it.  Don't get me wrong, 8th in the area is incredible.  I believe they deserve at least a 5 or 6.  These rankings are generated from the Miami Valley Tennis Coaches Association.  When I was the Varsity Soccer coach, I remember the way these teams are ranked and the alliances that are built.  I hate to see this in High School sports.  Most of the time the coaches get it right.  This is one of those times I believed they did Carlisle wrong.

What do you think??

Area Poll:
Division II: T1. Bellbrook; T1. CJ; 3. Oakwood; 4. Lehman Catholic; 5. Kenton Ridge; T6. Tippecanoe; T6. Alter; 8. Carlisle; 9. Miami Valley; 10. Milton-Union.

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