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Everyone is invited to the Strum Magazine Songwriting Competition. This may not be relevant to everyone, but I did not want you to miss out if it is something you are interested in.

I do not always look at all the events I receive and then I miss something I wanted to do. So check it out. If you know anyone who might like to enter the contest, feel free to forward this to them.

The contest is geared toward aspiring songwriters. I am looking for other hit writers for future contests and/or to be on our panel of judges.

If you have not already submitted, please go to or email an mp3 to and pay the submission fee via paypal to The fee is $15 and half of all Strum proceeds go to MusiCares.

Every song gets reviewed in Strum Magazine.

Winner gets to co write with Stan Webb, a three day pass for Nashville Songwriters Festival, perform at Nashville Songwriters Festival, appearance on Billy Block Show, performance at Picks Nashville, performance at Listening Room (round), performance at Cadillac Ranch

If you have any questions, check out the site!!

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