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Carlisle Daily - Carlisle, Ohio\ All along this has been a daunting task as one individual trying to provide news and information to the City.  My apologies for the lack of recent posts but due to a new job it has been overwhelming keeping up with the site.  I have received many emails, comments of support and hope that more posts will return.  I have also received all of the negative emails and comments about the lack of material on the site.  Again, I am one person trying to provide a community service.  My apologies that I have not been posting more.  

But now with a much aligned and informed schedule I will be able to begin bringing back news and notes for the City of Carlisle.  I will be bringing in many news information from other sites, news from the school administrators, and hopefully more help from citizens of Carlisle.  This is a community blog and I welcome anyone who would want to share and help with the content on the site.  Please email me and let me know if you have a desire to assist in the movement!

We will begin posting reguarly again this weekend starting with tonight's exciting first round playoff game with  our Carlisle Indians hosting Kenton.  Thank you again to all our supporters!!

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