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CITY COUNCIL                    SEPTEMBER 28,  2010
CARLISLE, OHIO                    TUESDAY, 7:00PM

UTILITY COMMITTEE: 6PM –RE: REWRITING THE WATER ORDINANCE. Chairperson, Councilman Randy Winkler, Councilman, James Lickliter and Councilman, Bryan Green

I.    Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call

II.    Minutes
    A. Regular Minutes  9-14-2010

III.    Public Forum
    A  Robbie Miller- Promotion to Capt. – Fire Dept.
B  Lisa & Nikki Evans
IV.    Council Report

V.    Mayor Report
VI.    Manager’s Report
VII.    Committee Report
    VIII.    Old Business

          IX.    New Business

          X.         First Reading of Ordinance & Resolution
A . Res. Estimated Revenue from Montgomery Cty. for fiscal year 2011 (1st reading)
B.  Res. Declaring Certain City Personal Property to be surplus and authorize sale of those items (Emergency)
XI.        Second & Third Readings of Ordinance & Resolution
A Ord. Revising and updating Chapter 1440 Flood Hazard (2nd reading)
B Res. Estimated Revenue from Warren County for fiscal year 2011 (2nd reading)
C Ord. Parking Code Amendment (3rd reading)

XII.    Executive Session:

XIII.    Work Session: 

XIV.    Adjournment

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