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The Carlisle Railroads Festival is an annual event that brings together the entire community and surrounding areas for food, fun, and entertainment.  The event is overseen by the Carlisle Fire Department-Ladies Auxillary Group.

Festivities will kick off on Friday, August 20th and Saturday, August 21st on the grounds of Chamberlain Middle School on Fairview Drive in Carlisle.

The entertainment schedule is being finalized, but persons interested in performing should contact Fire Chief Krista Wyatt at (937) 743-7725 ext. 310.

One of the highlights of the 2-day festival is the parade.  The parade begins at 10:00 am at Roscoe Roof Park and concludes at the Carlisle Local Schools.  Interested in participating in the parade?  Contact Terry Johnson at (937) 464-3995 or Cheryl Sweezy at (937) 789-4737. 

The City of Carlisle Parks and Recreation Board will also be hosting their annual Cutest Baby Photo Contest at the event.  The contest is open for all area children up to 24 months old.  Interested in entering?  Submit one photograph (up to 5"x7") plus $5 entry fee with a completed form (see below) by August 19th to Town Hall.
For futher information or questions regarding the 2010 Railroad Days festival, please contact Fire Chief Krista Wyatt at (937) 743-7725 ext. 310.
Attached Document or FileBooth Application Form - 2010
Attached Document or FileBaby Photo Contest - Entry Form 2010 

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  1. disgusted says:

    Is this community function totally paid for from the city funds and if so who approved it? Does it cost any fire budget monies? Is this the kind of operations that will be paid for with money from a fire levy passage? I'm not saying I don't miss that other private group that was running it before but I believe the city rushed into the drivers seat too quickly and the old group has now shucked it off upon the taxpayers in the blink of the eye.
    You know, like getting a pig in a poke or dropping a knife with a brier(trading blindly) or like Forest Ghump and the chocolate thing.
    Is there no other group of private operators that would take this yearly project on and keep it going like the other group of outsiders that did it before???? Maybe the older council people could work on getting this off the taxpayers back as soon as they can by not involving the city fire dept. and equipment.
    There is still a lot of room for a circus down on central that empty business park and a lot of unused electric boxes that rail road days venders could use and plenty of parking space for the people. Maybe the city fathers could make some money instead of dreaming up another way to spend us into debt.

  2. Mr. Happy says:

    Kill phrase / verbal attack:[non-constructive contribution which attacks a person or issue]

    Some common kill phrases / verbal attacks: We tried that last year. It won't work. We don't have the resources. It's not for us. Be practical. What you are doing there is totally idiotic. You will never be successful if you continue in this manner. Well, that was a silly mistake to make. Next time you better engage your brain before you come to work.

    The above are just a few of an ongoing list of Kill Phrases / verbal attacks. Kill Phrases are most often passed on from people which either have a different point of view, interests and targets or use it as a form of defense and a way of hiding insecurities or their real interests or deviant desires.

    At home the average parent utters 18 negative statements for every positive statement. As a result, many people grow up with a conditioined response; in that most things they say (or think) result in a negative reaction while bringing no true value or solution to their point.

    With that said, I love RailRoad Days! It's one of the most fun things going in Carlisle. I'm going to eat a Big T from the Lion's Club and support our youth programs by spending what money I can spare from my check. I want my kids to grow up sharing the same fun and memories I shared with my family and friends growing up. See you all there.

  3. Dominic Gross says:

    Well said, Mr. Happy, well said.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Maybe MR HAPPY will be happier to know that I love Railroad Days just as much as he does and sure do love those Big Ts but I don't want to buy the theater to just see one movie. The ways of the young ring true so please put my costs of attending this event on his credit card and not on my property tax bill. No answers to questions asked.

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