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Today's storm hit the area fast and hard.  Flooding is obvious all over.  Driving through Carlisle, State Route 123 at the curve was almost un-passable.  Many of the neighborhoods intersections are under water.  The picture above is the corner of Meadowlark and Bobby.  Be careful out there!

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  1. The Ticket Writer says:

    These flooded streets are the result of lazy people not understanding how the storm basin works or not caring where they throw those grass clippings when mowing their lawns. The clippings you blow into the street get flushed to the basins that then get plugged and can not do the job they were built to do. This problem can be be cured very easy: change your cutting pattern while mowing your lawn TURN YOUR MOWER AROUND AND BLOW THE FIRST FEW PASSES NEAR THE CURB BACK TOWARDS YOUR LAWN, WA LA now wasn't that easy or do you like swimming in the gutter?? DUH!

  2. Not a Teacher just a friend says:

    Is un-passable really a word ?? impassable seems to fit for me but I read minds as a sideline. Love this site

  3. Touche on the "impassable" but not everyone gets my was supposed to be a play on under water. But, oh well, thanks! HA!

    As far as the grass clipping comment I understand the neighborhoods but the worst water hole was on State Route yards over there. Maybe it was backup from the construction but that is where my mini van was submerged and almost lost at sea.

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Keep em coming!!

  4. Highway to Heaven says:

    For a few Hundred Grand more the city could get their favorite engineering firm to fix the problem on Rte 123,they probably had a hand in approving during construction of our famous multi-million dollar highway to Germantown or Franklin. After all what's those tax dollars for?, but to be spent on more pipe dreams and encumber our grandkids. Where was the need?

  5. Anonymous says:

    For one thing ticket writer, Your an idiot. That corner has flooded since 1978. If your so concerned about it, crawl in the gutter and fix it yourself smart guy.

  6. Unknown says:

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