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June 21, 2010

If you missed it in the mail here is the June 2010 City of Carlisle Newsletter.


  1. Disgusted says:

    Maybe you could write a comment on the LITTERING "LAWS" of the City of Carlisle and the State of OHIO that the Carlisle Council and Police Dept. are deeming not worthy of enforcing. Carlisle Ord. # 660.03 , ORC #3797.32 Are these community leaders playing the old selective enforcement game in Carlisle?? Litter is defined in these laws, yet there was no follow up on my complaint about all these people that cover our lawns,streets and gutters every year with Yellow Page phone books. Look around people, Carlisle is looking more like Middletown,Ohio every day that passes. Do you want to be served by the City people we Employ and Elect or do we want to be ignored when we complain about these LAWS being overlooked ??

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