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June 4, 2010

This past Sunday, some Carlisle High School Seniors participated in what is an annual Baccalaureate Service provided by Hillcrest Baptist Church.  For years the churches in Carlisle have taken turns holding the service to commemorate the graduating classes of Carlisle High School.  The definition WIKI provides for us to better understand a Baccalaureate service.  A baccalaureate service is a celebration which honors a graduating senior class from a college or high school. The event is often, but not necessarily, of a religious nature, although it is almost invariably Christian.[dubious ] At many Yeshivas and other universities with religious affiliations, the baccelaureate service will be celebrated as a religious ceremony.

Hillcrest Baptist Church did a wonderful job organizing a wonderful ceremony honoring the Class of 2010 from Carlisle High School.  Many of the local pastors were involved with the ceremony Hillcrest's Pastor Larry Lambes, Baptist Tabernacle Pastor Mike Gray, New Jersey Presbyterian Rev. Jeff Foster, and Youth Pastor from Riverview Baptist Church Josh Williams.

Superintendent, Mike Griffith gave a Challenge to the Family and Youth Pastor from Hillcrest Baptist Dustin Knoedler gave a Challeng to the Graduates.  The night was also proclaimed by Mayor Tim Humphries as Senior/Graduate Day in the City.

Other moments of the night was High School Principal Matt Bishop and School Board Member Bryan Dunkman presented gifts to the graduates and music was provided by Worship Leader from Hillcrest Jeff Roberts.  Special Music provided by Andrea Boy.  Enjoy images of the ceremony of the night below.

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