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Revised 5-10-10*
REGULAR MEETING                                                                       CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS
CITY COUNCIL                                                                                MAY 11,  2010
CARLISLE, OHIO                                                                              TUESDAY, 7:00PM

Finance Committee Meeting: 6PM : Re: Police Analysis Report:   Chairperson: James Lickliter, Mayor Tim Humphries and Chad Johnson
I.                   Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call

II.                Minutes
                A. Regular Minutes 

III.             Public Forum


IV.             Council Report

V.                Mayor Report


VI.             Manager’s Report


VII.          Committee Report

A   Finance Committee Report        

    VIII.    Old Business


          IX.         New Business

          X.         First Reading of Ordinance & Resolution

A. Res. Agreement with W.G. Stang LLC for Colonial Village Improvements and           2010 Paving Program (Emergency)
B. Ord. Supplemental/Appropriation (Amendment #5) (Financial)
C. Ord. Vacating an alley off Park Drive (1st Reading)

XI.        Second & Third Readings of Ordinance & Resolution

XII.          Executive Session:* Litigation: to discuss pending and imminent court action

XIII.       Work Session

XIV.       Adjournment


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