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The City of Carlisle Bobby F. Grigsby Intermediate School will be holding the OAT's next week.  The OAT's are the Ohio Achievement Assessments tests that are taking annually.  The Intermediate would like to remind parents that your children have perfect attendance during this time, otherwise they will have to make-up missed tests at a later date.  The student's should also get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before each day of the test.  Assessements will be delivered to the school in mid-June.

Here is the OAT Schedule
Tuesday, April 20 - 5th Grade Reading
Wednesday, April 21 - 4th Grade Reading
Thursday, April 22 - 3rd Grade Reading
Friday, April 23 - 5th Grade Math
Tuesday, April 27 - 4th Grade Math
Wednesday, April 28 - 3rd Grade Math
Thursday, April 29 - 5th Grade Science

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