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Around 40 Sophomores from Carlisle High School were able to experience New York City this past week on a Field Trip to the Big Apple.  The group enjoyed many fascinating landmarks that enhanced their knowledge of information. This information stemming from the wonderful topics the teachers have been covering with the students in American History class.  They were able to see firsthand some of the many topics they have been discussing all year long like the Rockefeller, Harlem Renaissance, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (Immigration), United Nations, Empire State Building, and Wall Street.

The students also were able to catch a Broadway show, "Wicked".  "Wicked" was a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz".  This tied into the curriculum they have been going through with discussing "The Wizard of Oz" and the connection to populism in class.

Teacher, Kelly Crowe, said, "The Sophomores that we took were an amazing group.  They had a great learning experience while touring the amazing city!  Other teachers that chaperoned the trip were Principal Matt Bishop, Jeff Waugh, Bill Taggart, Sam Lee, and Heather Allison.

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