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The Carlisle Pee-Wee Cheerleading board would like to announce the 2010 fees for next year.
Fees for the 2010 season are as follows:
CSCA/Pee-Wee Football fee $50.00
Uniform with professional fitting $115.00
Warm-up suit $55.00
Pizza and Cookie Dough fundraiser will be distributed at sign-up time.  You may also choose to "opt-out" for a fee for non-participation in the fundraiser.  Your sign-up fees could be less if you don't need a uniform or windsuit pieces.  All cheerleaders will receive a free spirit shirt and uniform hair bow.
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  1. Natasha Smith says:

    can you buy a uniform from someone else if it doesn't fit their child anymore? Do the uniforms change yearly or are they the same? My daughter would really like to cheer but I can't afford to pay over $200 for her to do it. If someone can contact me at or call me at 937241-7107 I would appreciate it!! Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    You may use a "friends" uniform as long as it is the "same" uniform and windsuit. The current uniform has "INDIANS" on the shell. Uniforms typically stay the same for 5-8 years (depends on when the vendor changes the pattern which can limit our availabilty to order). If you have any questions, will we be at sign-ups on 4/25 2-4 PM and 4/29 5-7 PM at Dairy Queen here in Carlisle. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My son will be playing pee wee football this year and I wanted to purchase a cheerleading uniform for my daughter who will be 1yr old when the football season starts. Could I have her fitted for a uniform to support her brother during his season? I know she is to young to "cheer" but she is never to young to look cute and support her brother. I found a website that I could order a uniform for her but I would rather pay the fees through Carlisle to help support our Carlisle cheerleaders!!

    Do you have cheerleading mascots? I would love to start her as early as possible and would love to help volunteer any of my help that you need.

    My email address is

    thank you,
    Ellena Roy

    Thank you!!

  4. Ellena says:

    My son will be playing pee wee football this fall and I was wondering if I could purchase a cheerleading uniform for my 1yr old daughter to support her brother during his season? I found uniforms on line but I would rather pay the fees through Carlisle school to support our cheerleaders.

    Have you ever had a "jr cheerleader or "mascot"? I would love to get my daughter involved not to mention she would be absolutely adorable in her tiny uniform! I would also be happy to volunteer my services for any help you may need for the cheerleaders.

    thank you so much!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have a phone number for a contact person in regards to pee wee cheerleading? I am new to Carlisle and am hoping I can still sign my daughter up to cheer. My son is playing pee wee football.
    Andrea Harris

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