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Okay, so there are always a thousand questions that can be asked of things going on in Carlisle.  Or those questions are emailed to me. When is sign-ups?  When is the fish fry?  How many dogs can I have in Carlisle?  How high can my fence be in Carlisle?  The questions can go on and on and I love helping out those in the community.

So there are many ways to tackle this issue.  I can create an online forum or create a Questions widget.  These are two great ways for the residents to ask questions and get answers but they all require a membership and log in info.  I have never wanted to make this site a member based site so this is the next best way!  I will keep this article posting live FOREVER.  It is the opportunity to leave questions and get answers.  Now answers can be found all over, read the Carlisle Charter etc, call the school, and many other ways.  Answers that are provided may be a stretch, opinion, or quite possibly answered by a City Official that will have the factual answer.  Either way hopefully this posting will stir up a place where Residents can chit chat, ask questions, and keep an open forum available online.

On the right side of our Home Page residents can simply fill in some information and post questions and comments that can be answered by the community.  This is the simplest way to tackle an awesome opportunity without meaningless username and password log in screens!  Enjoy and feel free to discuss away!!

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