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This week there has been some articles written that Ed Richter has published with the Middletown Journal.  I swear the City of Carlisle is keeping this man in business.  He is staying busy covering all the mishaps and issues going on in Carlisle.  This week he has tossed up completion  on one subject and a continuing desire to report on the other.  He has probably seen a small little notch in his traffic from our Carlisle Daily site, as well.

The completion of one subject this week is, Carlisle Police Chief Tim Boggess has resigned.  Richter claims there are many stipulations to his resignation.  You can read those by clicking here to his story.  I will try to see if I can get any more details of what is going on and report at a later time.

Then there is the continued desire to follow Tim Humphries.  Now a small percentage of our community truly thought this site was being done by our Mayor and that if he wasn't doing it then he had someone doing it for him.  Not sure their reasoning.  I have been accused of being in the Mayor's back pocket.  If there is anyone in our Mayor's back pocket right now it is Ed Richter.  He has reported from our last City Council meeting that Mayor Tim Humphries has asked for his computer that was seized by authorities awhile back.  Richter was able to capture the ambiance of the Council Meeting and I will, as the poor blogger, try to obtain more facts and give you something later this weekend.  If you want to read Richter's story about our Mayor click here!
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  1. The Middletown Journal did not leave the report open for comments, so I will share my thought with you.

    Please bear with me. I am not reporter.

    I’m not sure Mr. Richter "was able to capture the ambiance of the Council Meeting". Mr. Richter said the offer to purchase the computer “was not well-received by fellow members of City Council.” It would have been more accurately reported “was not well-received by some fellow members of City Council.”

    I believe Mr. Humphries was making a genuine effort to buy an old computer so he wouldn’t have to use a NEW city computer (that has not yet been issued) which was purchased (as a result of last year’s budget) for the Mayor’s office.

    The Mayor offered to purchase the old computer and use it for city business. This would enable the new computer to be given to another department (fire/police), and could save the city money.

    Unfortunately, this was not possible for several reasons; the most prevalent being that the city manager purchased a new desktop computer to replace the old one, instead of a lap top computer.

    A desktop computer cannot be used for training by the departments because it is not easily transported to different locations.

    Respectively, Councilman James Lickliter inferred (in the public work session) the New computer should not be issued to any elected official until a computer policy is developed. The old computer, if kept by the city, does not go back to the Mayor. The hard drive will be replaced and it will be put into service for another department (fire/police).

    I agree with Mr. Lickliter in many respects. I feel we must ensure there are better processes in place such as: having computers cleansed before handing them from person to person – pass keys or some measure of software security added to keep people from being able to access hard drives and download programs – as well, effective performance of city records retention policies so we can find the data backups when they are needed.

    If these types of security measures had been in place prior to January 2008; we would not have had to go through the last 5 months of improvable accusations.

    Your City Council in 2010 is excited about the future of Carlisle.

    Kindest Regards,
    Chad Johnson

  2. :Linda Britton says:

    Linda Britton, I agree with you Chad, Mr. Richter leaves a lot out of his posting in the newspaper. and thank you for the information.

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