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Nick LeForce went up against the top seed in the 160 pound division today in the FloNationals 2010 Tourney.  Zak Coates out of Henry Sible, Minnesota pinned LeForce in 1:03.  Coates went on to win Nationals in this division by defeating Damien Perry of Mentor, Ohio by pinning him in 1:28. 

LeForce went on to gain 6th place but had to forfeit his last two matches that could have earned him 3rd.  We are not sure if Nick was hurt in the semi-final match against Coates.  The FloNationals website does not say the reason of the forfeit.

Congratulations Nick on a great run!!

Click here to see the tourney bracket from the 160 pound division of the FloNationals 2010 tourney.
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