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Ted Strickland, governor of the U.S.Beck To Governor: Ohio Hemorrhages More Jobs Under Your Watch

Columbus—State Representative Peter Beck (R-Mason) last week delivered a letter to Governor Strickland regarding his deep concern over the loss of 250 local jobs.

“Ohio is hemorrhaging jobs due to our state’s uncompetitive business climate,” Beck said. “Ohioans need jobs, and lawmakers should encourage the businesses that can provide those vital jobs.  It is long overdue that we make Ohio economically competitive again.”

In the letter, Beck outlined growing concerns about failing economic policies and their consequences on the quality of life in Ohio. He points to the closure of nearly 30 major companies in the past two years, including the most recent closure announcement from Mason’s pharmaceutical company, Warner Chilcott.

“Governor, what have you done to ensure these positions were fought for?” Beck asked in the letter. “Unemployment in Warren County is currently at 10.5 percent, and the closure of Warner Chilcott delivers a severe blow to the families of Mason and Southwest Ohio. This company has been an economic staple within our community and the loss of yet another corporation from Ohio’s borders raises serious concerns.”
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