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If you ever were looking for an opportunity to reach out and serve the needs of others, this is definitely your chance.  Tara Grant, Germantown, went to the hospital for what was ultimately a bug bite.  The bite was so severe and dangerous that the hospital kept her for 3 days to monitor and recover.  While being laid up in the hospital and Tara's mother taking care of her two children the worst was yet to come.  The 3 days in the hospital from a bug bite, of all things, proved to be nothing. Upon release, from the hospital, Tara had learned her home was overtaken by a fire.  Tara and her children...lost absolutely everything!

This is where Peptide Tattoo and hopefully our community comes in to rescue a mom and her two children.  Michael Matlock, aka Matty McTatty, and his wife are good friends with Tara and her family.  Matty is asking for any and all help to get this family back on their feet again.  Donations can be brought to the Peptide Tattoo shop on Central Ave. in the Whistle Stop Center.  Matty, also stated, "My artists and I are
hashing out the rest of the details as far as any fundraising we may do collectively through our work." 
This may be a portion of their earnings will go the family or a discount on work at the shop that will go towards a fund raising effort.  Either way, Peptide Tattoo is asking for your help and along with their donations hope to give back to this family that lost everything.

Donation Needs: Clothing for 2 children, boys, ages 10 and 4...sizes 10 and 6t for
boys, 5 in womens and small womens tops. Socks, underwear, t-shirts, linen
for beds, toiletries, shoe sizes 4 1/2 and 2 in boys, 5 1/2 womens...anything anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

You can take your donations to the Peptide Tattoo Shop at 779 W. Central Ave. Carlisle, Ohio 45005 or call Matty for more information at 937-550-9555.  You may also email The Carlisle Daily @

Thank you for your support!!
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  1. Thanks Dominic.....ALL help is greatly appreciated!

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