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Group serves as watchdog for reform in Medicaid policy and technology development

COLUMBUS— State Senator Shannon Jones (R- Springboro) recently announced that Ohio Senate President Bill Harris (R- Ashland) named her to the Joint Committee on Medicaid Technology and Reform. The bipartisan committee is charged with reviewing and studying any matter that it considers relevant to the operation of the Medicaid program, with priority given to the study or review of mechanisms to enhance the program’s effectiveness through improved technology systems and program reform.

“Rising costs in the Medicaid program threaten to make it unsustainable in the near future – jeopardizing the ability of the state to provide care to those who need it most,” said Jones, who previously served on the committee during her tenure in the Ohio House of Representatives. “I look forward to continuing my work on this important committee as we seek the technological advancements and reforms necessary to ensure the long-term viability of Medicaid.”

The committee was created in 2005 as a part of House Bill 66, which also included a number of other reform initiatives designed to help contain costs and improve quality and efficiency in the Medicaid program. These changes are part of a long-term plan to transform Medicaid so that it can be sustained in the future while keeping it affordable for taxpayers and providing better services to consumers.

“Since joining the Ohio Legislature, Senator Jones has played an active role in discussions about how best to keep Medicaid costs in check while maintaining essential services,” Harris said. “Her experience on this panel combined with her interest in keeping health care costs down for all Ohioans make her an invaluable asset to both the committee and members of the Senate.”

The Joint Committee on Medicaid Technology and Reform is composed of five legislators each from the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives. Jones will be joined on the committee by Senators Kevin Coughlin (R- Cuyahoga Falls), Jimmy Stewart (R- Albany), Capri Cafaro (D- Hubbard) and Sue Morano (D- Lorain).
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