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Carlisle School District Haiti Earthquake Relief

How can you help???

As many know a significant earthquake hit Haiti early this week.  Haiti is a very poor country and is in need of help.  So you ask HOW CAN I HELP???  Here is how:

Kids----Donate your extra change at lunch to help with the relief effort.  There will be a container in the lunch room of your building where you can place your donations.

Parents---Anyone interested in making a contribution is welcome to do so, by simply giving your donation to any building secretary in the CarlisleSchool District or at the main office. 

All containers will be collected daily.  All contributions will be given to the American Red Cross to assist with the relief effort.  Any and all financial help is welcome and needed.

Any questions please contact Sabina Pence at:
Alden Brown Elementary 937-746-7610 Ext. 122
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