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Third Quarter Newsletter

Dear School Patron,

In almost every newsletter from Carlisle High School, we have had a section titled, “Are you checking grades online?”  The computer program teachers use to input grades and attendance is called Progress Book and this is the fifth year using the system.  It is very user friendly and an important tool to stay on top of what is going on in the classroom. 
Once you get your user name and password, you can go to our website, click on the High School tab, and then click the Links tab.  You can use Progress Book to see your child’s grades and assignments on a daily basis.  You can literally see how homework assignments and tests impact the quarter grade each week.  This can begin a dialogue with your child about their progress in each course. 
If you do not have or cannot remember your username or password, please do not hesitate to call Mike Schuh at 937-746-4481 ext. 440 or e-mail him at  Progress Book also contains an e-mail link to your child’s teacher should you have questions or concerns about your child’s performance in class. However, we would kindly ask that before you e-mail a teacher concerning an assignment that has not yet been posted by that teacher that you allow the teacher ample time to grade, record, and post scores to the Web. As a general rule, teachers will try to update all grade books on a weekly basis. 
If you need assistance using this program, we invite you to come in during conferences and you can use our computer lab or media center to sit in front of a computer and a staff member can walk you through the process.  Like anything on the computer, once you try it a few times, you’ll easily get the hang of it.  Progress Book can be the bridge between school and home.  Please take advantage of it.
Finally, at the end of this newsletter, I have included a copy of a letter from the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of Ohio.  The letter congratulates Carlisle High School for obtaining Excellent status for the 2009-2010 school year.  This is the third award in four years for CHS after missing one year by less than one percentage point on a performance indicator.  We are proud of the accomplishment but will not be satisfied until we know that every student is achieving to his or her maximum potential. 


Matt M. Bishop, Ph.D.   
Building Principal    


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