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The past few months have been a roller coaster of events for Mayor Tim Humphries.  The ups and downs of his role as Mayor of Carlisle have been a whirl wind to follow.  In spite of heading and helping with some interesting projects around town starting with the Indian Path.  The Indian Path if you have drove by the schools and the City Building is the path students can take safely to get to the stores across 123.  The path is marked by signs and during warmer weather the Mayor was helping along with other residents and business leaders of Carlisle as traffic monitors to keep our students safe.  Other items that have been brought to our attention that the Mayor has been working on is getting a drop box oustide of the City Building so residents do not have to get out of their car to drop off bills, paperwork, etc.  These are a few of the positives that our Mayor has been working on with others to improve different things in the City of Carlisle.

On the flip side, the downs of the past few months on the roller coaster have included a computer being confiscated and what some media outlets are calling a road rage incident that brought Mayor Tim Humphries up on many charges last week.  There has been no official word on the computer and what the FBI has found or not found on the office computer of our Mayor. But now, with the new charges against Tim Humphries, Attorney, Jon Rion, is representing him and thinking things are "very unusual" with all the charges.

Humphries agreed to a 5:30 p.m. Jan. 12 preliminary hearing and pretrial conference with Judge Rupert Ruppert in Franklin Municipal Court.  So things are not finished by any means stay tuned....

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am utterly shocked at the poor grammar and confusing syntax that is in this "news" story. You should at least do a bit of proof reading before you post if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist - even in Carlisle.

  2. Carlisle Daily News says:

    My apologies, I am not a journalist and if you have followed the site long enough I have written many posts stating that!

    I am just a resident and saw a need for a place for all things Carlisle. This is just a place to post things going on around the city, schools, and businesses. Something to keep people informed. If I was a journalist I would state that, have a degree, and most likely not be doing this site.

    This is just a hobby and if you would like to be my full time proof reader then get with me. I would love that!

    Thanks for your readership!

  3. Dean Byrd says:

    Don't worry Mr.D, Mr.Anonymous is a brother to Mr. Concerned and Jim,Sarah,Jamie, tada-tada-tada.I must have misunderstood the rules for a posting. I want to be called "Early for Supper". I just love this site and hope to lure more of those "Super Local Politicians" onto it so that they can show the Carlisle public just what they their flawed thinking is all about.

  4. Jamie says:

    First off, the directions for posting specifically state that a first name is required, no mention of a last name.

    Second, this site should be a place for people to post their OPINIONS. Nobody on here is totally in the know. Have you seen the contents of the Mayors computer? No. So what makes you any more qualified to decide what he has done or not done than the rest of us. I have not seen them either. So we are equally knowledgeable about the situation. If he is innocent, so be it. That is fine. I think the point people on here are trying to make is that IF he is guilty, he needs to go.

    So maybe next time you want to personally attack someone on here, just remember we are all just offering our opinions, which we are centainly entitled to.

    By the way, just wanted to say I enjoy the site. Glad there is a place we can all come to to read about Carlisle. Thanks to the moderator of this website.

  5. jim says:

    Send HUMP to the DUMP.
    DYER for hire!!

    Gary Dyer for Acting Mayor!!!

    From the supporters of CCC.

  6. Carlisle Daily News says:

    jim: All comments are approved within 24-48 hours there has been several articles in the past that have described our rules for commenting. Thanks for you readership!

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