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Current City Board Openings:

PERSONNEL BOARD: 3 Vacant Seats:  A term of three years. This board provides by rule for the ascertainment of merit and fitness as the basis of appointment and promotion in the classified service of the Municipality and for the appeals from the action of any board, official or member of Council in any case of transfer, reduction, or removal.
TAX REVIEW BOARD: 1 Vacant Seat: Indefinite Term.  Relating to the Earned Income Tax. Upon recommendation of the Finance Director, the Board of Review may abate a penalty or interest, or both, or upon an appeal from the refusal of the Finance Director a penalty or interest, or both.
ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS: 1 Vacant Seat: A term of four years. To serve on this board you must be a resident of the City. This Board shall be held at the call of the Chairperson. The duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals are to hear and decide appeals.  To authorize variances from the provisions of the zoning code. To grant conditional use permits as specified in the Official Schedule of District Regulations and under the conditions specified in Chapter 1278.
HOUSING REINVESTMENT BOARD: 3 Vacant Seats: A term of three years. This Board does an annual inspection of properties within the Reinvestment Area.
PARKS & RECREATION BOARD: 1 Vacant Seat:  2 year term. Must be a citizen of the City of Carlisle. The members provide organized functions for raising money for equipment for the parks along with holding summer activities for the children.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to the Clerk of Council by 4:00 pm, January 7, 2010 at the following address:

City of Carlisle
Attn:  Clerk of Council
760 W. Central Ave.
Carlisle, OH 45005
(937) 746-0555 ext. 1
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