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The Carlisle Gross Lumber Soccer team played in the Ohio State SAY  Soccer Tournament this past Saturday. It was a tight game with a one to one tie going into overtime. The as the sun set the game ended in a shootout with Gross Lumber falling to Brookville in the end. The girls played a hard fought game and played the best I've seen them play all year. The team would have not been able to play next weekend had they won with more than half the team being gone on the 8th grade trip to Washington. Brookville was a good team and deserved to advance.

The Gross Lumber Team Players are:
 Jessica Gable, Katie Taylor, Alyssa Profitt, Kelli Garrett, Lauren Moore, Shelbi Elliott, Sam Jackson, Liza Kouns, Ashten Henry, Hannah Henry, Kariss Alcorn, Megan Alcorn, and Callie Whaley (not pictured).
Coaches: Susan Alcorn and Kelli Henry.
Team Picture by: Elven Hamilton

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