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This is the latest PLANNING COMMISSION minutes from the City that can be found on the City's website.

The regular meeting of the Planning Commission met on Thursday, October 14, 2009 at 7PM at Town Hall with Mr. Hurt presiding.
Roll call: Mr. Bob Fehrman, aye; Mr. Ron Hood, aye; Mrs. MaryAnn Thompson, aye; Mr. Scott Richardson, aye; Mr. Robert Hurt, aye. Absent were Mr. Randy Winkler, and Mr. Bob Rogers.
The minutes of September 10, 2009 were presented to the Planning Commission for approval. Mr. Fehrman made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Seconded by Mr. Hurt.
Roll call: all approved by voice vote.
Mr. Wallace presented to the Planning Commission an ordinance on Fences, Walls and Hedges. Mr. Wallace presented the original ordinance as is today along with the changes that he would like to see changed.
Changes: Fences, Walls and Hedges
(a)Change the height of the fence from seven feet to six feet two inches.
(f) There shall be no more than one fence between adjacent property owners nor adjacent to the adjoining property lines. (At this time we do not allow, and this is creating problems between homeowners.
(g) No fence shall be erected unless it contains at least one access gate
(h) It is the sole responsibility of the applicant applying for a fence permit to determine the property line (will need to provide property measurements)
(I) In addition to the other provisions of this code, privacy fences shall be subject to the following restrictions:
The post of a privacy fence shall face the interior of the property
(j) A patio fence may be up to eight feet in height but must meet all yard requirements (not for privacy fences along property lines)
Privacy fences, once erected, shall be maintained and repaired of similar materials.
(k) Fences, Surrounding Recreational Facilities. Fences surrounding recreational facilities, including but not limited to tennis courts, swimming pools, etc., located on a commonly owned lot in any district, shall be permitted up to ten (10) feet in height. (At this time the schools does have these, but there is nothing on the books that allows them to be replace there fences, this will allow them to be legal.)
Mr. Richardson stated he felt the 24inch rule should be in place, he felt you are denying a property owner the right to place the type of fence they want (if this rule stays), if they should want something totally different. Property owner is responsible for maintaining the mowing of the extra space.
Mr. Wallace stated he would make that change.
Change: Private Swimming Pools
1st change: No private swimming pool containing water more than 24 inches in depth.
2nd change: The fence or wall shall not be less than six feet in height and shall include a lockable/self-closing gate, be maintained in good condition with a gate and lock.
3rd change: The glare from lights used illuminating the swimming pool area shall be directed away from adjacent properties.
4th change: Swimming pools existing at the time of adoption of this chapter which are unprotected by a wall or fence, including gates or doors, as regulated herein, shall be required to comply with the provisions of this chapter within 90 days of adoption.
Commission in agreement with this ordinance.
(a) Cutting Required:
(1) The owner of all premises, whether residential, non-residential, commercial or industrial, and whether occupied or vacant, shall cut down and remove there from all offensive and noxious weed, vines, and grass of a height of eight (8) inches or more, and any and all weeds, vines and grass constituting a threat to the public health, safety, comfort or welfare.
(2) It is a prima-facie violation of this section if weeds or grass of a height eight (8) inches or more exist on any lot, parcel or premises within the City between April 1 and November 1.
(3) The City Manager shall cause annual notice to be published, in March of each year, in a newspaper of general circulation in the County notifying City residents of the requirements of this section. ( This is mainly for the repeaters)
(b) Notice to cut
(1) When the Code official determines that such weeds or grass are growing in violation of this section, he shall serve written notice, in accordance with Section 1466.07, upon the owner of the premises which such weeds or grass are located, ordering the owner to cut and remove such weeds and or grass.
(2) If the address of the owner is unknown, it is sufficient to serve the owner by posting the notice in a conspicuous place in or about the premises which is the subject of the notice.
(3) Only one notice per calendar year is required per lot, parcel or premises under this section. If, after a notice has been served in accordance with this section, the Code Official determines that a subsequent violation has occurred, the city may proceed with the remedy set forth in subsection (d) hereof.
(c) Failure to Comply No owner shall fail to comply with the notice provided for in subsection (b) hereof within five (5) days from the receipt thereof.
(d) Procedure when owner fails to comply
(1) If the owner fails to comply with the notice provided for in subsection (b) hereof, the City shall cause such weeds, grass or other vegetation to be cut and removed.
(2) The costs incurred by the City to cut said weeds, grass or other vegetation, including the cost to serve notice, shall be charged to the owner, together with an administrative fee of two hundred dollars ($200.00). Notice of such assessment shall be served upon the owner by regular mail, to the owner of the lot or parcel, at his or her last known address, to pay the cost of such cutting. If the bill is not paid within (10) days after submission to the owner, then the City’s Finance Director shall certify the costs, together with a fifty dollar ($50.00) penalty, to the Warren County Auditor for placement upon the tax duplicate, to be collected as other taxes are collected for return to the city.
Mr. Wallace stated if there were no changes to be made, would Planning Commission consider a public hearing in November.
Mr. Wallace stated a public hearing would be heard ”November 5, 2009 at 7PM”, regarding the three ordinances.
Mr. Wallace stated that there has been discussion regarding a Comprehensives Plan. The City Manager has found that between $45,000 - $60,000 we could have one done. Our plan at this time is 20 + old. In doing a plan would take a year. Need to consider due to the fact in changing some of the ordinance, the plan will do so automatically and we have nothing to fall back on. Mr. Richardson stated he did not mind doing this but felt the citizens should have some impute into this. Mr. Wallace stated that there will be several meetings. The company will meet with the steering committee, business owners, and residents and have public hearings and do surveys.
Mr. Ferhman made a motion to recommend to council that a comprehensive study be started. Seconded by Mrs. Thompson.
Roll call: Mr. Ferhman, aye; Mr. Hood, aye; Mrs. Thompson, aye; Mr. Richardson, aye; Mr. Hurt, aye.
There being no further business, Mr. Ferhman made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Hurt.
Roll call: all in favor by voice vote
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  1. Sharon Byrd says:

    These fence regulations definately need more study. As proposed a person constructing a six foot privacy fence would only have a 2 inch clearance at bottom to allow for unlevel ground and the posts which have decorative caps would exceed the six feet.

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