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There is a few new faces on the Carlisle School Board.  With all precints counted Tammy Lainhart was the top vote getter with 1,369 votes.  David Clay and Bill Jewell was the last two to fill the spots.  That leaves Duane Patrick out of the his current School Board seat.  Bill Jewell Sr. will be a new face to the board but not a new face to the city and school district.  Bill's son, Bill Jr. has led our Indians Football program into the playoffs and has been actively involved in the schools and sports.

Bryan Dunkman won the Unexpired Term seat defeating Joe Marinich with over 66% of the votes.  Bryan will also be a new face on the School Board.

Carlisle Local School Board
DAVID A. CLAY . . . . . . . . . 1,264 26.03
BILL JEWELL. . . . . . . . . . 1,011 20.82
TAMMY SUE LAINHART . . . . . . . 1,369 28.19
DUANE PATRICK . . . . . . . . . 753 15.51
KEVIN B. TAYLOR . . . . . . . . 459 9.45
Carlisle Local School Board Unex Term
BRYAN DUNKMAN . . . . . . . . . 1,085 66.16
JOE MARINICH . . . . . . . . . 555 33.84
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  1. Carl says:

    I don't like this. I was pulling for Duane and Joe. Any school board that can cut a million from the budget without impeding education deserves a second look. Bryan will do a good job, but Bill Jewell?! The only reason he ran was to get more funding for athletics, because the coaches are mad they aren't getting enough money for sports. Pathetic.

  2. Joe Marinich says:

    I hope everyone who voted to Mr. Dunkman understand he is married to a current teacher. I dont see any way in which a person can serve as an impartial balance to school teachers and administration, when all of the decisions they vote on will directly effect their own family.
    I am not trying to say anything bad about Bryan or his integrity...I think he is a great guy. I am questioning how everyone in Carlisle seems to think the "Good old boy" network is bad, and that people dont want taxes raised, yet they do this?
    If my wife was a teacher and the wanter a 3% raise, then I think I would want a 3% raise. This decision is going to unravel the financial responsibility we worked so hard to achieve. Why? Because Bryan is a homer, and we recognize his name.

    Way to Go Carlisle...its your problem to deal with at least for the next 2 years.

    Joe Marinich

  3. Jay says:

    My wife and I had this very same conversation. I do not know Mr. Dunkman or Mr. Jewel but it seems like there might be a conflict of interest in them being appointed to the board when they have family members who could benefit from the way they vote. Name recognition is huge on the ballot and both of them benefited from it. Hopefully they will vote with the facts and not with their families interests. I guess we will see. Why would you try to fix something that isn't broke? The School board was doing a fine job so why would you break that up?

  4. Rick Amburgey says:

    I am very pleased with outcome of last night's election. Carlisle did the right thing by voting to put Tammy Lainhart and David Clay back in their seats for another four years. I have know those two people a long time and I am proud to call them friends. Both of them are very responsible and take the duties of being a school board member very seriously.

    The comment made by Joe Marinich is unprofessional. Most of you know that I was a school board member and I spoke highly of Marinich and wanted him to be appointed to the board. I supported Bryan Dunkman in this election not because Marinich was a bad person, but because I felt Dunkman's experience would be a great asset to the school board. I applaud Carlisle for electing him to the board. I think he will be an outstanding board member.

    As for Mr. Marinich's comment about Dunkman's wife being a teacher, you may remember that I am also a teacher - although I did not teach in the Carlisle school district. It did not cloud my judgement when making decisions. On the contrary, it allowed me to see both sides and do what was best for Carlisle's children. Many people have been elected to school boards that have never spent one day in a classroom. Dunkman's wife's experience as a teacher will give him a resource to know what will benefit the children. I think that will make him an outstanding board member.

    I wonder if Carl realizes the Bill Jewell elected is not the same person as the football coach and teacher. This is actually Bill Jewell, Sr. He's the father of the the Bill Jewell most of us are more familiar with. He has been a Carlisle resident and supporter of Carlisle School for many years. He cares about the school and I think he will be a fantastic board member.

    I have no doubt that Carlisle will be thrilled with what they see out of their new board.

  5. Carl says:

    Rick - YES I know it's not the same Bill Jewell DUH, and I've always known that. All that stuff about how he cares for the town and school is good and all, but I'm saying I see other motives, and it gives me a bad feeling.

    And we shouldn't get so wound up over Joe's comments, because the truth hurts and I applaud a public official willing to speak the truth.

  6. Joe Marinich says:

    Rick thanks for the critisism. I have no doubt that Bryan will be a good school board member. I have met the guy and I like the guy. Bill sr comes to my church and I wish both new members the best. I am also aware that Bryan administered a beat down yesterday.

    I care about the schools the students and the teachers. Rick if one is to go back over all my votes you will see that I have fully supported the teachers. My only thought was that I think it's frustrating to hear the community scream about picking homers yet we still continue to vote for homers

    Now I was also voicing a concern because one of the jobs of the board is to be a balance apart from the teachers and administraters and we currently do not provide that balance.

    I am sorry for anyone Iay have offended and Rick I am sorry to lose your support I greatly value your opinion and appriciate your previous support. I care about students and education and do not agree with your idea that being married to a teacher makes you more qualified than someone who has served for 2 years. I also didn't have a problem with your situation I just pointed it out it will be hard to maintain the balance we need when fMuly is directly involved

  7. Mike says:

    Someone who is running for an "elected official" needs to know how to write complete sentences, with punctuation.

  8. Joe Marinich says:

    Mike that was a good one! I tend to really be struggling with my Keyboard today...I think it is time for a new one.

  9. stacy says:

    I agree with Carl. It is a shame that the city of carlisle voted for Bill Jewell. I do feel that he has his own agenda in mind (his son and football). I do think that Duane Patrick cares for the students and the teachers. Bill didn't care enough to come to Meet the Candidate night nor did he fill out the questions from the Carlisle teachers, so why do I think he cares enough to commit to 4 years? It is a shame that the community voted him in because of his name - Period.

  10. we need a forum...we are a community of 6000 plus who all share the same ultimate goal...the needs of the community have to be bigger than the individual differences expressed here. Please email or call me and tell me how we can work together to address these issues and work together to make Carlisle the best town it can be!!! Let's commit now not to let individual differences divide us. My door is always open...and my phone is always on!

  11. Jay says:

    I was talking to some people yesterday and they actually thought that the Bill Jewell on the ballot was the football coach. Obviously it wasn't but I wonder how many others made this mistake? I know thats not Mr. Jewell's fault, but it just proves my point about name recognition. I wonder if he would've been elected if the football team was 2-8 instead of 8-2?

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