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REGULAR MEETING                                                                      CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS
CITY COUNCIL                                                                      NOVEMBER 24, 2009
CARLISLE, OHIO                                                                      TUESDAY, 7:00PM

I.                 Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call

II.              Minutes
              A. Regular Minutes  November 10, 2009

III.            Public Forum


IV.           Council Report

V.              Mayor Report


VI.           Manager’s Report


VII.         Committee Report


    VIII.    Old Business


          IX.              New Business

          X.         First Reading of Ordinance & Resolution

                            A. Supplemental/Appropriations (Number 14) (Financial)

XI.        Second & Third Readings of Ordinance & Resolution

A.                Ord. 2010 Appropriations (2nd reading)
B.                Ord. To Revise the 2010 Employee Pay Schedule (2nd reading)
C.                Res. Fund Transfer from General Fund to Carlisle Business Park Fund (2nd reading)
D.                Res. Fund Transfer from General Fund to Eagle Court Special Assessment Fund (2nd reading)
E.                Res. Fund Transfer from Eagle Ridge TIF Fund to Following Funds ( 2nd reading)
F.                 Res. Fund Transfer from FEMA Fund to the Following Funds (2nd reading)
G.                Ord. Establishing a Fund for Unclaimed Monies (2nd reading)
H.                Ord. Amending Chapter 1272.38 Fences, Wall & Hedges (2nd reading)
I.                   Ord. Amending Chapter 1272.03 Private Swimming Pools (2nd reading)
J.                   Ord. Amending Chapter 1466.32 (d) Exterior Property Area “Weeds & Grass(2nd reading)

XII.                Executive Session: Litigation: to discuss pending and imminent court action

XIII.             Work Session

XIV.             Adjournment


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