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Here is the Permission Slip for the Students Spirit Bus that will leave at 5:30pm to go to North College Hill on Saturday for the Playoff Game    between our Indians and North College Hill.

 By signing below, I give Carlisle High School permission to transport my child to and from North College Hill High School (Cincinnati) for the playoff game on Saturday, November 7th.
  • The bus is for current Carlisle High School students only
  • Students must purchase a pre-sale ticket at the school and have the ticket in hand as they board the bus on Saturday
  • Students will be escorted to the stadium and will be expected to remain in the stadium for the entire event
  • At the conclusion of the game, students will return to the same bus for the ride home
  • The Student Code of Conduct will be enforced on the bus and at the game (as with all CHS athletic contests)
                Student Name

______________________________                    ____________________________
                Parent Name                                                       Parent Signature

    Student Cell Phone Number


     Parent Cell Phone Number

In partnership with the family and community, the Carlisle Local School District’s mission is to focus on the needs of students in everything we do, while providing quality educational experiences in a positive, innovative, and safe learning environment.
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