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Last night, we witnessed history in Monroe as our Carlisle Indians took the field in their first ever Regional Semi-Final Game.  Their opponent only defending state champs Alter Knights who pummeled Johnathan Alder the week before.

Carlisle opened the game receiving the punt from the Knights.  Jordan Jacobs bobbled the opening kick off and only returned for a few yards.  The Indians went three and out on their first four drives and not gaining a 1st down till about 4:15 left in the second.  They had a pretty nice drive going to close out the 1st half.  The Indians converted a fourth down and inches and was moving the ball well.  But just crossing the 50 yard line the Indians were held to a 4th and 4 where they punted.  Halftime:  Alter 27-0

The second half was more of the same.  Alter had a relentless defense that our Indians could not do anything against and their offense amassed 300 yards on the ground!  Final:  41-0

I didn't want to discuss the game and the specifics as much as I wanted to address what I saw.  Standing down on the field I saw a sea of red and white of fans that looked as if they outnumbered Alter's fans.  I saw a team and coaches that fought hard to the very last second of the game.  I saw young men put everything on the line to help the Indians succeed.  I saw tailback sensation Nick McGill make some big hits on defense.  I saw defensive specialist Jake Langdon catch a pass to move the chains in the second half.  There were so many moments of heart, character, and hard work!!  The atmosphere was electric all the way down to the final seconds.  Carlisle parents, fans, and residents of our community cheering on an Indian team that had made history this 2009 Carlisle Indians season.

That was the coaches, that was the team, and that was the fans that made this 2009 Carlisle Football season unforgettable!!


View complete coverage of Pictures of the Game by our photographer Jeff Conley of jdcPhotography by clicking here!!
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