Village of Carlisle

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Gavel & Stryker

REGULAR MEETING                                                                     
CITY COUNCIL                                                                       
OCTOBER 27, 2009
CARLISLE, OHIO                                                                       

  1. Pledge of Allegiance/Roll Call

  1. Minutes
           A. Regular Minutes  10-13-2009

  1. Public Forum
A Andrew Riddio – JEMS Squad Chief                           
                        B Oath of Office- Rodney Bell Assistant Chief of Operations
                          C Oath of Office- Craig Strunk –Vol. FireFighter
                          D Marty Heidi – Congressman Turners Office

  1. Council Report

  1. Mayor Report

  1. Manager’s Report

  1. Committee Report


    VIII.    Old Business


          IX.              New Business

          X.         First Reading of Ordinance & Resolution

Ord. Supplemental/Appropriation (Financial)
Res. Endorsing the Existing Condition Assessment phase of Going Places – (Emergency)                                                       

XI.        Second & Third Readings of Ordinance & Resolution

AOrd. $37,000 Bond Anticipation Note –Equipment Acquisition (2nd reading)

  1. Executive Session:

  1. Work Session

  1. Adjournment

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