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My name is Scott Boschert and I’m seeking to be elected to the 2nd Ward City Council seat in Carlisle. I am a lifelong resident of Carlisle and live just a few houses down from where I grew up. I have been married for 19 years to my wonderful wife Jessica and we have three children Shawn, Heather, and Tyler.
I graduated from Carlisle High School in 1981 and am a 1985 graduate of Heidelberg College, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration. I currently work for Warren County Commissioners as the Data Systems Supervisor leading the Public Safety Information Technology.
I believe, it is time for change on Carlisle Council and I have the desire and determination to serve on City Council and can’t wait for the opportunity. I have been attending and speaking on issues at most of the council meetings for over a year. I know what is happening at council meetings and I know the issues that the city faces and what issues the citizens are speaking about. I am asking for your votes on November 3rd that will give me the opportunity to affect change for the City of Carlisle and its citizens.
I have spent many years volunteering time to the City of Carlisle. Shortly after graduating from college, I joined the Carlisle Volunteer Fire Department serving for 14 years on the department and retiring as a Lieutenant in 2000. I am currently the Director/Coach of the Carlisle Youth Wrestling Program and have been active in this club since 1992. I was also involved in many of the team sports that my children joined as they grew up, such as, C.B.A. Baseball, Pee Wee Football, and SAY Soccer. I also recently spent time participating on the Fire Adhoc Committee, which was formed by City Council, and was comprised of Citizens and Council Members that met to discuss the future of Carlisle Fire Department.
Carlisle is a great place to live and to raise your children and I love living in this community. I ask you to vote for me on November 3rd because together we can make the City of Carlisle a better place to live and enjoy.
You can contact me via my email or by phone 937.550.4382.

Scott Boschert
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