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David is looking to keep his seat come November 3rd as a Carlisle School Board member.  Here is a letter and some bio information on the current board member.

Current board member
Married with two sons in school system
Lifelong resident of Carlisle
Veteran of the US Air Force
Associate of Science in Aviation
Local business owner for 19 years.
Baseball and football coach for 10 years

        As a board, we have done a lot of great things for our schools and have them headed in the right direction.  A couple of major things that I have been able to accomplish are the middle school drop-off zone and changed the lunch policy that every child K-5 would be served a hot lunch no matter how many "charges" they have. 

I will continue to work hard as a board member to make sure our children are safe and treated with respect, our taxpayers money is spent wisely and that we hold our staff members accountable to providing the best facilities and public education we can.

         If anyone ever has a problem, concern or a question please feel free to e-mail me at 

Thank You,
David Clay
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