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An example of a breaking news intro graphic has been going since May 1st and we have had HUGE success within the city.  We appreciate all the daily readers and advertisers of the site.  We strive to provide information to the residents of Carlisle like no other media company is able to do or does for that matter.

We have some "Breaking News" though, concerning some structure on our site.  Moving forward today, we will no longer accept "ANONYMOUS" comments.  Though, some have been educational and appropriate, we are seeing many that are down right ridiculous.  We value each and every resident's feedback and comments will remain on.  We ask that you leave your name on all comments moving forward.  

The steps are simple.  In the drop down box below the comment box select name and type your name in the appropriate space provided.  Then you can move forward in leaving your comment.  There still will be an anonymous option but just know that those will be rejected when going through approval each morning.

We just believe that if you have a comment and a word of wisdom for the articles that you read that you should be proud enough to post a name identifying your passion.

We thank you in advance again for your daily readership.  We look to continue to bring ALL news from the City on our site each week!
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