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The Carlisle  SAY Girls Kicker team Gross Lumber (Blue)  finished out the SAY regular season with a tie for First Place with Clinton Massie team 1. The team almost had a complete shut out season. Until right at the end, when they played Clinton Massie 1 for a second time. This time giving up their first and only loss just giving up a couple goals. Splitting the wins with 1 and 1 against the Massie team.  This Carlisle team ROCKED. I can't wait to see these girls and the girls from the other Carlisle team in high school. These were two really good teams.  The Gross Lumber team will now go on to the SAY Miami Valley Tournaments hosted this year in our very own Carlisle. The tournaments start October 31 and will continue on November 1 and November 7. Good Luck to this hard working team and their coaches, Susan Alcorn and Kelly Henry.

Pictures take by Tangie Taylor.
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