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Duane Patrick

Candidate: Carlisle School Board

I have been married to Robin for nineteen years. We are proud to have been calling Carlisle home for seventeen years. I am the proud father of, Jacob (8th grade) and Madison (5th grade). My occupation is Family Life Pastor. I have been a full time pastor for four years. After high school, I received an associate’s degree in engineering, and worked as a fire protection designer/engineer for twenty years. In that industry, I was quickly promoted and became the local branch engineering manager for a billion dollar company. I am a proven leader and desire to work and participate as a team. It is one of the strengths of the current School Board. We work well as a team and have no personal agendas.

I have been on the school board for two years. I was appointed to the School Board as a result of a resignation.

I was asked this question(s) by the League of Women Voters. What is the biggest challenge of the Carlisle Local School District? What is your plan to move the Carlisle Local School District from an effective rating to an excellent rating?

The biggest challenge I see for the CLSD, is understanding that we are competing on a global scale and that only the highest form of education for our children will allow us to not only compete but win! Accountability is the only way we will move from effective to excellent. We must hold the students, administration and teachers accountable for test scores. Money can be a factor, but accountability is the key to success.

During my two years on the school board I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and continue to do so. I believe the Carlisle Local School District is headed in the right direction and desire to be a part of the team that leads us to an excellent rating and the best education our kids deserve and need to succeed.

I will be blogging frequently about election updates and School Board related issues. Please feel free to visit my site.

Duane Patrick


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