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OHStateSealImage by themaxsons via Flickr has reported that there is a new state law that will take effect next week that requires children ages 4 to 8 years old, weighing more than 40 pounds and less than 4-feet-9 inches tall must be in booster seats when riding in cars in Ohio. The law goes into effect Oct. 7.

From what we have read,
Law enforcement officials can cite motorists violating the law only if the motorists are first pulled over for a different violation.Warnings will be issued the first six months, and full enforcement begins April 7.

Drivers will be fined $25 to $75 for an initial violation.

To read the full press release click here.
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  1. Jason Staggs says:

    We have been doing this for years as it has always been required with foster children. Our children just see it as an everyday part of their lives. I believe the children will follow the parents lead, so as long as the parents are positive about it the children will be too. If the parents complain, the children will complain also. And as far as the cost, what parent would complain about spending $20, or sometimes less for intro models, to save their child's life?

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