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Tonight, our Carlisle Indians take the home field versus the Waynesville Spartans!! The Spartans are bringing a 2-1 record to the game against an undefeated and determined Indian Football squad! Last year, Waynesville stole the game 25-13 from the Indians.

Also, to keep you up to date with the Dayton Daily Experts. Three of the five experts picked Carlisle to win tonight. Only writer Billings and Mike Hartsock of WHIO picked against us!

The Indians defense will have their hands full again with Waynesville Senior RB Seth Millar in the game. Millar has gained 438 yards on 38 carries and has produced six touchdowns for the Spartans. If the defense plays as it has they should have no problem shutting down Millar. The Indian defense has only given up 10 points a game against three very capable high scoring teams. So it just another test for the Indians that I know they are prepared for!

Carlisle will be riding the shoulders of Nick McGill and Jordan Jacobs. McGill and Jacobs has been running up a TON of yards against teams. Last week, Jacobs had the trifecta by scoring on a running play, punt return, and kick return massing 189 combined yards against Oakwood! Mcgill continues to terrorize defenses last week against Oakwood were he contributed another 173 yards of offense and two scores!!

This week though look for QB Jake Gibson. Jake had an impressive game last week against Oakwood and we believe his confidence is just going to continue to get stronger as the season draws on and the record setting passer will be in for a big year and hopefully a big game tonight!!


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