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The last two weeks the Carlisle Indians have been underdogs in their first two matchups against Franklin and Brookville. They held both of those strong offensive teams to just 13 points in both of their wins. Many would look at this at defeating the odds. The Indians look at this as just winning by hard work, preparation, and great coaching!!

The Indians who are led by some key senior leaders have worked hard in the offseason conditioning, going to speed camps, and putting that last bit of effort individually as players that it takes to win games.

Defeating the odds, we think not. Though, in the Dayton Daily news experts poll they were looking at being picked by only 2 out of 5 to win the Franklin game and then an astounding 1 out of 5 to win the Brookville game. But the hard work and dedication has showed on the field and has produced wins.

On to tonight, Carlisle plays the favorite with an overwhelming 4 out of 5 picks to beat Oakwood tonight in the Dayton Daily column. Ironically, the one writer for the Dayton Daily who went out on a limb, so to speak, and pick them to win last week is the one guy picking against them this week. Fantasy leagues, fantasy picks, etc, etc are of no matter we know this but Carlisle is just letting their response be heard on the field.

In Oakwood, they will see another powerhouse running team and it will be up to Seniors Jake Langdon who has 22 tackles on the year and Kyle Bartlett who has 13 to lead the Indians defense as they have in their previous two matchups.

Carlisle, will look to go 3-0 to start their season since they started 3-0 in 2002. Be sure to get out and support the Indians in their remarkable start to this 2009 season!!!

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