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Here is an updated list from the Warren County Website for candidates for City Council. The petitions will be certified August 25th. Carlisle Daily will be covering all election information and candidate profiles as we lead up to the election this year. Stay tuned!!

Dennis Bowles 130 Nikki Ct Carlisle, OH 45005
Chad S. Johnson 610 Beachler Dr Carlisle, OH 45005 7/31/09
Cheryl Sweezy 720 Joshua Ct Apt B Carlisle, OH 45005

Ward 1 Bryan Green 8473 Meadowlark Dr Carlisle, OH 45005
Ward 1 Mary Thompson 280 Nikki Ct Carlisle, OH 45005 8/6/09
Ward 2 Scott Boschert 800 Roberts Ct Carlisle, OH 45005 7/23/09
Ward 2 Sharon Shelton 210 Chrsitina Way Carlisle, OH 45004
Ward 3 Richard Smith 305 Aspen Ct Carlisle, OH 45005
Ward 3 Randal Winkler 89 Janet Ave Carlisle, OH 45005 8/4/09
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  1. Dean Byrd says:

    I'm so excited about this upcoming Nov.election that I could just pinch myself. My wish for every incumbent to be voted out just may come true this year. I also wish all those new people that are running the wisdom to run this city within it's means. Remember that if elected you are there to spend the taxpayer's dollars for items that are basic services. Service dept Police dept,and Fire protection. Good luck to all you New people and Good Bye to the old ones. P.S. There will be no thanks going to those voted out of office for the three million dollar debt that they are leaving behind.

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