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Tattoo Business in Carlisle, REALLY? Yes, and you have to check this place out!

We introduce to you Carlisle Daily's newest advertiser and Carlisle's newest business, Carlisle Peptide Tattoo (!! Peptide Tattoo officially opened on June 19th, 2009 after they received a flawless inspection by Warren County Health Department. They are located at 779 W. Central Ave. next to the Mark Neal State Farm Insurance Office in the Whistle Stop strip mall.

We have spoken to so many people in Carlisle and when we mention we are going to stop and talk to the tattoo shop owner they have no idea that Carlisle has a tattoo studio. That is okay though because this owner is slowly making a name for himself in this area.

Meet the Owner
Matty McTatty graduated from Eaton High School in 1992. He served 5 years in the Marine Corp. Matty told us that he has a family filled with doctors and attorneys but he decided to follow his passion for art. A true professional who has studied his art under several different artists which sets him apart from those who did their apprenticeship under one. He is a 12 year veteran tattoo artist whose career has taken him all over the country. He has won numerous awards for his excellence in all styles of tattooing. His work has been published in countless tattoo magazines and he is a familiar face at conventions and tattoo festivals.

Matty is sought out by people all over the country for his skills in photo realism, portraits, and his traditional style of tattooing.

The Business,
When you think of a tattoo place your mind already has these preconceived ideas of what an establishment like this MUST look like. Well, throw all those ideas out the window. The professional window treatment as you enter the building sets the tone of a true artist and not your every day chop shop tattoo joint.

Then when you enter Peptide Tattoo,, you take in an almost dentist office meets salon atmosphere. The warm colors is inviting and the leather couches in the waiting area are calling your name. Their are about six highly clean areas sectioned off like office cubicles for the individual artists to work. The shop is clean, clean, and did I say CLEAN! Peptide Tattoo takes the image of the shop you almost went in to on Spring Break as a kid that looked like an old dirty run down barber shop with one stool to sit on to a very professional, sterile, and inviting place to visit! The studio has two artists thus far Matty and 3 year veteran, Joy McInnis.

Matty is also an accomplished and avid painter so when you enter Peptide Tattoo you will see paintings he is working on and paintings he has completed all over his studio. He has been known to have his paintings already sold before he even completes them.

Peptide Tattoo Philsophy

Matty spoke in depth and we were able to see first hand his beliefs about running a business with excellence. He told us that they believe in and practice to the highest extreme Universal Precaution. His main goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for not only the customer but him and his artists, as well. Second, Peptide wants to go above and beyond the customer's expectations and give them more than what they asked for. Peptides Quality and Experience and more for less attitude will make them a true WINNER in the Miami Valley. Also, to give the customer more than what they ask for Peptide believes in 1 on 1 custom drawing not just a pick from a board mentality of tattooing. With that said every tattoo that Peptide performs it is carefully thought out with the customer and a proof is drawn for their approval!

Last, Peptide focuses on a price that is filled with quality!! Typical, hourly rate on a multi session tattoo is $75/hr. This price is good through next Spring 2010. So folks, you can either go to the dirty chop shop tattoo joints for $75/hr or experience an award winning atmosphere and artist right here in Carlisle!! Peptide also has a flat price for a one sitting tattoo that is negotiated at the time of the 1 on 1 consult

Operation and Production
Finally, we were able to see Matty in action. As we interviewed him he was setting up and beginning the first session of a multi session tattoo. We experienced first hand the philosophy Peptide takes each and every time they tattoo. We watched as Matty covered everything in protective plastic from his desk to the arm rest the customer was to place his arm. We noticed the care and professionalism as he spoke and as he performed his art. This truly is a great studio!

If you haven't checked out Peptide Tattoo be sure to stop in! Matty welcomes all guests and visitors and your more than welcome to stop in just to say "Hi" and see for yourself the excellence that is portrayed in this studio!

Tuesday-Thursday 1-8pm
Friday-Saturday 1-9pm

Matty's Portfolio

See more of Matty's Portfolio by clicking here!
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