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This year's Railroad Days Parade 2009 was incredible!! Truly a very entertaining parade with a HUGE turnout. The parade consisted of many of the same things firetrucks, police vehicles. The Carlisle High School band proudly played at the beginning of the parade and sounded awesome!! The Grand Marshal of the parade was long time teacher and former band director Chuck Wiggins.

The parade also featured a massive SWAT vehicle with Aiden Bentley, Dave and Jenny Bentley's son sticking up out of the top of the vehicle. There were also many of Warren County officials in the parade. Many of the new candidates running for City Council also displayed a car or float in the parade.

The parade also had two sets of little go cart cars one regular set and another Nascar style car. They were very entertaining to watch weave in and out of each other. The kids loved it!! Another group that the kids absolutely loved was the skate team. They were fantastic with all their tricks and hand stands throughout the parade.

The parade was all in all a wonderful time for all ages and the crowd sure wasn't disappointed by the great event!!

Check out the many wonderful images from the parade!

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